Where are your fruits sourced from?
We try to source locally where possible but the reality is that climate dictates where fruits are grown - mango and bananas do not grow very well in the UK! Our fruit always travels by boat or rail when going long distances, with none of it being air freighted.

Why should I buy Vuju?
Firstly, because they taste great - Secondly, because they are made from 100% pure fruit and premium vodka. No other alcoholic drink of its type is so pure; others use concentrates, colourings, preservatives, water and sugar - we keep ours 100% natural.

Why do we need and how much fibre is there in your drinks?
Although under EU law we cannot promote Vuju as a healthy drink we can tell you what is in it. Vuju Vodka smoothies contain significant amounts of fibre as they contain whole crushed fruit and can add highly meaningful amounts of fibre to your daily intake. Eating fibre helps to lower blood cholesterol levels and keeps the gut healthy. Follow this link to find out more.

Do Vuju Vodka smoothies contain calories?
Nutritionists almost unanimously advocate eating as much fruit and vegetables as possible. As foods, fruits contain calories, but the calories come from fruit sugar (fructose) rather than from sugar cane (sucrose) as we do not add any suger to Vuju (calories are also produced from the alcohol). Vuju vodka smoothies also contains many nutrients and vitamins.

What are GI (Glycaemic Index) diets?
A food's GI value is a guide to the amount the product increases blood sugar levels when eaten. If you are on the GI diet you should eat a diet that is rich in low GI foods. We have yet to confirm our GI values. Follow this link for more information.

How should I store your drinks?
The pasteurisation process we use means they keep well when kept in a cool, dark place, but where possible please keep them chilled. The average fridge is fine to store in but definitely chill before drinking. Once opened, the drink should be consumed immediately. If you ever have any problems with our drinks, please email carl@vuju.co.uk, and let us know the blend and best before date. How long do they last? Our drinks are pasteurised enough to kill all the bacteria and moulds that could make Vuju go 'off'. The Best before date is printed on the individual bottles.

Are our products organic?
No they are not organic. We would like to make our drinks organic but there is not yet a great enough variety of fruit types year-round to obtain the best tasting varieties that are organic. However, our drinks are completely natural and we think taste great. Organic fruit is also extremely expensive, which would subsequently raise the cost of the drinks considerably. We independently test our ingredients at an accredited laboratory to find out if any pesticides are present. The government has a set Maximum Residue Limit (MRL) and we expect ours to have little or no residues at all and certainly well below that set by the Government.

Are our products suitable for vegans?
Yes, Vuju Vodka Smoothies are. Are your products suitable for pregnant women? New UK Chief Medical officer's advice is that women who are pregnant or trying to conceive should not drink alcohol. Seek your doctor's advice if you require further information. At Vuju we do not advise anyone to drink alcohol whilst pregnant.

Why do we not have all the ingredients listed on the front of the bottle?
The Vuju blends are named by the most prominent flavour. Also, by naming the blend by all its ingredients would be a little bit of a mouth full. All of the ingredients are printed in full on the label, so we're not trying to trick you.

Do your products contain nuts?
No. Are your drinks GM-free? Yes they are.

What are Smoothies?
Smoothies originally were made from 100% pure fruit (whole crushed fruit) with no added sugar or water (not concentrates) using the fruit sugar in the naturally ripened fruit to sweeten the drink, this is what we do. Often drinks refered to as smoothies also include milk products, ours do not.

What is the Vuju definition of pure?
The labelling regulations for alcoholic drinks are more lax than those for other products. We think this is wrong and the Government has started to take some action. Our product contains exactly what it states on the label: it is pure fruit with vodka and may have rose or cinnamon added but nothing else: no concentrates, colourings, preservatives, added sugars or sweeteners. If a product contains concentrate it should be declared.

What fruits are Pressed?
Hard fruits such as apples and pears are pressed.

What fruits are crushed?
Soft fruits such as mangoes and raspberries are crushed.

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